Production And Prints


Television commercials, Radio spots and radio jingles disseminate our messages in an interesting way ensuring a greater reach.

If you need a TVC or radio commercial or motivating jingle package, Linga Groups is here with superiority in knowledge of technical material, creative writing, storyboarding and presentation.

For the production of creative TVCs, we have collaborations with the best directors, high-end production houses and artists in the business to produce only the best results.

We also offer radio creative and production services to our clients. Linga Groups's services include effective radio copywriting, voiceovers, and radio commercial production. Our radio spots and jingles offer creativity while maintaining competitive prices as well.



The audio visual medium of ad films is extremely effective in making a product and service popular. They can also be used to promote an event or a cause. Making an ad film is a combination of technical and creative aspects.   Behind an ad film there is concept, characterization, special effects in some cases, music and vocal effects etc. All this elements are used to create a long lasting impact on the viewers mind. 

Producing an ad film is not a very difficult task, but producing a good quality is quite difficult. There are literally thousands of ads on a channel and you have to stand out.  These days the process of making television ad films has become much easier with the use of great ad production tools. If you possess the right amount of knowledge of the production process, you can put together a television commercial without much hassle.


An effective video successfully blends good quality audio and well conceived visuals.  Video making is almost like an art form; it is often complicated and creatively challenging effort which requires good planning, hard work and balanced use of certain elements to create an impact on the audience.  Video marketing or online advertising campaign has become quite popular among business owners because of its ability to bring positive results. 

Use of Video shooting

You can use Videos for a large number of commercial and artistic purposes like- Presentations in Seminars and meeting, Television ads, Films, Product demos, documentaries, Event promotions, E-learning projects , Workshops etc.



An skilled good professional wedding photographer shoots images without your information
To have the best Professional Ad photography, a professional photographer should have the very best of the lighting effects setup. Just one blink installed on the high-end camera can’t make high-quality photos, simply because of a one source of light, the images could be two-dimensional and it can have unwanted darkness. Semiprofessionals use one blink to capture your occasions but we use up to few studio lights and up to three flash lights networked without any cables to create the third dimensions of every picture without unwanted darkness.

We also photograph corporate parties including college / university events.  We regularly provide you options to fit your budget. We also offering you services like video coverage, cinematography. We are a team of creative wedding photographers and wedding videographers.



Linga Groups is a Illustration Design Studio in Tirunelveli which is also a communication consultancy specializing in illustration services, brand development and graphic designing. At Linga Groups the focus is on coming up with communication solutions that work in the market place to deliver 100% results. To date the studio has a portfolio of 50 brands flying high and has helped evolve around 40 brands right from their inception.

Linga Groups has a professional team comprising of strategists, graphic designers and content developers who have years of result oriented work. Linga Groups is today a preferred destination for outsourced work from across the world be it brand development web designing or marketing communication.
We are based in Tirunelveli, India.


Poster is important print collateral that can be used to draw attention. An effectively designed poster will grab the attention of the passersby for few seconds and create interest in the product or service depicted in the poster.

We, at Linga Groups, are adept at designing posters that appeal your target audience. We combine artistic design elements, concept and minimal content to ensure it is striking in appeal and result oriented.

Creatively designed posters can appeal to a large audience and communicate a focused message. Our extensive creative communication and marketing experience helps you to do just that!We design posters that capture immediate attention and get your business noticed while leaving a profound positive impact. In simple words, we design posters that sell!!!



Even in this age of digital marketing a brochure always makes a difference. A copy in your customer’s hands always has an edge favouring your brand or product.

Our approach towards brochure design is very simple – to give you the best! We listen to what you say and render more than you expect. This confidence in being the best is fostered by an incredibly talented graphic design team that is vibrant, dynamic and creative. Our mission to foster partnerships and deliver brochure designs that is as unique as your business.

To attract potential buyers to your business without your physical presence, brochure forms an excellent strategy. We theme your marketing plan through the best brochure design possible that give complete insights to your business. Any potential client would be convinced that you are optimal to suit their requirements. We can assure you the quickest turn around time, in spite of all the thought process involved. Tight deadlines do not waver our determination. Our brochure designs can and will bring the desired growth to your business. We can also assist you in getting your brochures printed with our associated printers and get it delivered.